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November 14th - 15th 2016

"Affinity-Mass Spectrometry -
New Methods and Applications
to Protein Therapeutics Development"


Rüsselsheim am Main,
  Hochschule Rhein-Main


Michael O. Glocker, Rostock
Stefan Maeser, Rüsselsheim am Main
Michael Przybylski, Rüsselsheim am Main
Zdeněk Kukačka, Rüsselsheim am Main

Affinity-MS Logo 
About "Affinity - Mass Spectrometry"
The Special Interest Group "Affinity - Mass Spectrometry" was inaugurated in 2008 in order to foster research activities and method development of affinity enrichment strategies combined with mass spectrometry. Pre-fractionation methods are the key issue when it comes to addressing the complexity of biological samples and when analyzing low abundant analytes. Many applications of affinity-based separation methods have been used and are constantly developed and optimized to increase selectivity and sensitivity of mass spectrometry-based proteomics research projects.

Lately, immuno-affinity approaches which make use of defined sets of specific capture molecules such as antibodies have enabled the rapid and unequivocal identification of binding surfaces (e.g. epitopes) by mass spectrometry. With novel state-of-the-art developments also quantitative and functional analyses in patient samples have been tackled using affinity-MS procedures, thereby opening the field of structure- /function correlations with broad application potentials in cutting-edge research areas.

Michael PrzybylskiMichael O. Glocker
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