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October 10th - 12th, 2019

International Workshop:

"Mass Spectrometry in Medical Technology
and Biotechnology" & Int. MSc Course
"Medizintechnik / Medical Technology"

RheinMain University Rüsselsheim

Organizer and Speakers (preliminary):

Maxim Berezovski, Ottawa
Christoph Borchers, Montreal
Michael O. Glocker, Rostock
Julia Hennermann, Mainz
Andreas Hahn, Gießen
Anna Maria Papini, Florence
Katja Schmitz, Darmstadt
Alexander Lazarev, Boston
Michael Przybylski, Rüsselsheim
Wolfgang Kleinekofort, Rüsselsheim

  • A proteome signature for intrauterine growth restriction derived from multifactorial analysis of mass spectrometry-based cord blood serum profiling.
    Wö:lter M, Röwer C, Koy C, Reimer T, Rath W, Pecks U, Glocker MO.
    Electrophoresis. 2012 Jul;33(12):1981-93. doi: 10.1002/elps.201200001.
  • A mass spectrometric multicenter study supports classification of preeclampsia as heterogeneous disorder.
    Pecks U, Schütt A, Röwer C, Reimer T, Schmidt M, Preschany S, Stepan H, Rath W, Glocker MO.
    Hypertens Pregnancy. 2012;31(2):278-91.
  • Clonality characterization of natural epitope-specific antibodies against the tumor-related antigen topoisomerase IIa by peptide chip and proteome analysis: a pilot study with colorectal carcinoma patient samples.
    Linnebacher M, Lorenz P, Koy C, Jahnke A, Born N, Steinbeck F, Wollbold J, Latzkow T, Thiesen HJ, Glocker MO.
    Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012 Apr;403(1):227-38. Epub 2012 Feb 16.
  • EJMS protocol: Systematic studies on TiO2-based phosphopeptide enrichment procedures upon in-solution and in-gel digestions of proteins. Are there readily applicable protocols suitable for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry-based phosphopeptide stability estimations?
    Eickner T, Mikkat S, Lorenz P, Sklorz M, Zimmermann R, Thiesen HJ, Glocker MO.
    Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester, Eng). 2011;17(5):507-23.
  • Multifactorial analysis of affinity-mass spectrometry data from serum protein samples: a strategy to distinguish patients with preeclampsia from matching control individuals.
    Pecks U, Seidenspinner F, Röwer C, Reimer T, Rath W, Glocker MO.
    J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2010 Oct;21(10):1699-711. Epub 2010 Jan 4.
  • Mass spectrometric and peptide chip epitope analysis on the RA33 autoantigen with sera from rheumatoid arthritis patients.
    El-Kased RF, Koy C, Lorenz P, Drynda S, Guthke R, Qian Z, Koczan D, Li Y, Kekow J, Thiesen HJ, Glocker MO.
    Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester, Eng). 2010;16(3):443-51.
  • Mass spectrometric and peptide chip epitope mapping of rheumatoid arthritis autoantigen RA33.
    El-Kased RF, Koy C, Deierling T, Lorenz P, Qian Z, Li Y, Thiesen HJ, Glocker MO.
    Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester, Eng). 2009;15(6):747-59.
  • MS characterization of apheresis samples from rheumatoid arthritis patients for the improvement of immunoadsorption therapy - a pilot study.
    Kienbaum M, Koy C, Montgomery HV, Drynda S, Lorenz P, Illges H, Tanaka K, Kekow J, Guthke R, Thiesen HJ, Glocker MO.
    Proteomics Clin Appl. 2009 Jul;3(7):797-809. doi: 10.1002/prca.200800232.
  • Molecular epitope identification by limited proteolysis of an immobilized antigen-antibody complex and mass spectrometric peptide mapping.
    Suckau D, Köhl J, Karwath G, Schneider K, Casaretto M, Bitter-Suermann D, Przybylski M.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1990 Dec;87(24):9848-52.
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